Novelty searches saves time and money

A novelty search is a survey, which can be brief or extensive, of what is previously known in the prior art. The purpose of a novelty search is to find out whether an idea is new and can be considered as patentable or not in light of the prior art, and if the invention can be the subject of a patent application. A professional novelty search is carried out in one or more databases and can include patent documents as well as other technical literature. At Westpatent, we have access to a range of patent and technology databases.


Novelty searches in-house

At Westpatent, we perform novelty searches in-house, which means that patent cases can be handled quickly and efficiently. The people who perform these searches have many years of experience from industry, the patent attorney sector and the Swedish Patent Office (PRV). Performing novelty searches in-house also provides a number of advantages as we constantly discuss different technical areas and patent classification and develop search strategies. Inhouse searching is a major time-saver, as it allows close and rapid communication between the person who performs the search, the attorney and the client. Every search also increases our amassed knowledge in the technical area and makes us even better prepared for future assignments.

Technology and competitor monitoring

An effective way to keep yourself informed and up to date on patent activities is to use our customized monitoring service. Together, we discuss an appropriate approach, which competitors or which technologies you want to monitor, and how frequently and in what format you want your report delivered.